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Imagine you have access to IT support in Wellington that resolve your tech issues promptly and transform your business operations with unmatched efficiency. That’s OxygenIT.

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Welcome to Wellington

Welcome to Wellington

Nestled amid the windswept hills and stunning vistas of the Greater Wellington region, Wellington stands as a vibrant capital bustling with dynamic businesses. Yet, navigating the complex digital and technological landscape presents many challenges for local enterprises.

This is where we shine as your trusted local IT partner. From comprehensive cloud services to managed IT services in Wellington, our team of dedicated professionals ensures your technology aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

Benefits of partnering with OxygenIT

When you choose us for your IT support in Wellington, you gain access to an array of benefits designed to optimize and secure your business operations:

Proactive IT maintenance

We proactively manage your IT infrastructure, utilizing advanced tools to monitor and maintain your systems. This approach helps us identify and resolve potential issues before they impact your operations, ensuring your business runs smoothly without interruption.

Advanced cybersecurity measures

We provide robust cybersecurity solutions customized to meet your business's specific needs. From comprehensive audits to the latest in cloud solutions and VoIP technology, we safeguard your sensitive information against emerging threats, giving you peace of mind.

Strategic technology guidance

Our IT services in Wellington specialize in providing strategic advice, helping you utilize the latest technologies, including Microsoft Office 365 and bespoke cloud services, to enhance growth and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

Tailored IT solutions for Wellington businesses

We offer managed IT support in Wellington that are aligned with your business requirements and goals. We customize solutions to your needs, whether on-site IT support in Upper Hutt, remote IT management for medium-sized businesses, or specialized computer support services across the Wellington region.

Seamless integration of new technologies

Stay ahead with the latest technological advancements to streamline operations and boost efficiency. We specialize in integrating innovative technologies such as Microsoft 365 and advanced printer management services into your existing systems.

Dedicated on-site and remote support

Receive the dedicated attention your business deserves with our on-site and remote support options. Our IT support in Wellington specialists can handle any IT challenge in your office or from afar.

Why choose OxygenIT as your provider of IT support in Wellington?

We are proud to stand as your IT support in Wellington. Here are several compelling reasons to choose us to help achieve your business goals:

Dedicated support team

Our team of technical specialists, one of the most trusted IT consultants in Welington, is passionate about technology and dedicated to providing the top-notch support your business requires. Whether you need on-site support or remote assistance, our team can help you easily navigate any IT challenges.

Cutting-edge technology solutions

We leverage the latest technologies to deliver robust and reliable IT solutions. From advanced network management tools to state-of-the-art disaster recovery systems, we ensure your IT infrastructure is resilient and future-proof.

Personalized IT service

We take the time to understand your business deeply, customizing our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're a small to medium-sized enterprise, we tailor our services to fit your needs.

Comprehensive range of IT services

We offer a wide range of IT services in Wellington designed to cater to all aspects of your business's technology needs. From basic helpdesk support to complete managed service offerings, we cover all the bases to keep your business technology running smoothly.

Proactive IT management

We monitor your systems continuously to prevent problems before they start, ensuring your operations are uninterrupted and your data remains secure. Our managed IT service in Wellington includes regular updates and maintenance, network optimization, and immediate response to IT inquiries.

Scalable IT solutions for Wellington businesses

As your business expands, so do your IT needs. We provide scalable IT solutions that grow with your company. We ensure your IT infrastructure can handle the growth efficiently as you add more staff, extend your operations, or increase your service offerings.

Our managed IT services in Wellington

We provide comprehensive IT support in Wellington tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Explore our services below:
Our IT services in Wellington

Managed SOC

Our managed security operations center (SOC) continuously monitors and analyzes your company’s security posture. As one of the most reliable IT consultants in Wellington, we ensure your data is protected against threats with real-time alerts and rapid incident response, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about security breaches.


Endpoint detection and response

Protect your network's endpoints—laptops, desktops, and mobile devices—from cyber threats with our advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions. We offer proactive threat hunting, detection, and response services to mitigate risks promptly and efficiently, keeping your business secure.


Data center colocation

With our data center colocation services, you can leverage our state-of-the-art facilities to house your critical infrastructure. Our IT services in Wellington provide physical security and environmental controls and reduce overhead costs while increasing reliability and connectivity.


Robotic process automation

Streamline your business processes with our robotic process automation (RPA) services. We help automate repetitive tasks, freeing your team to focus on more strategic activities. This automation enhances efficiency, improves accuracy, and speeds up service delivery.


Technical business review

Our technical business review service offers a comprehensive analysis of your IT systems to identify areas for improvement and align technology with your business objectives. We provide detailed recommendations to enhance efficiency, scalability, and security, ensuring your IT infrastructure supports your business's long-term goals.


Artificial intelligence

Embrace the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your business operations. Our AI services include machine learning, natural language processing, and AI-driven analytics, enabling you to gain deeper insights, enhance decision-making, and improve customer experiences.

Industries we serve

Our IT support in Wellington cater to diverse industries, each with unique IT requirements. Key industries we serve include:

What you can expect

Choosing OxygenIT means you're not just picking IT support in Wellington; you're gaining a committed partner dedicated to your success. Whether you're a small or medium-sized company in the Greater Wellington area or a business throughout the Kapiti Coast seeking managed IT service in Wellington, our team can customize solutions that fit your specific requirements.

OxygenIT offers a cost-effective range of services to enhance your operational capabilities and ensure you have the support you need whenever you need it.

What you can expect with OxygenIT
Awards and recognition

Awards and recognition

Our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional IT support in Wellington has garnered us widespread acclaim and numerous awards. Our clients consistently praise our efficient problem-solving skills and dedication to delivering top-tier service.

We are honored to be recognized as one of the best IT consultants in Wellington. Our awards serve as a true testimony for our efforts in ensuring the success and security of businesses across the Greater Wellington area.

Don't just take our word for it, see how satisfied our clients are with our secure IT services christchurch


Don't just take our word for it—listen to what our customers have to say about our dedicated IT services in Wellington at OxygenIT:

Gary Sheridan
Philip Wareing Group Limited

"Why do we trust OxygenIT? They've exclusively looked after our IT services for the past 12 years. They help manage our onsite server, disaster recovery, backup options and other IT matters. The fast response and personalised approach is greatly appreciated."

Shelley Endacott
Practice Manager, Curtis Vision Optometrist

"With the move of our data from an onsite server to the cloud, we were able to consolidate our four branches into one easy database and OxygenIT made this all possible. We were looking to expand our business by opening another branch, OxygenIT made it simple and easy to add our new branch to the database.."

Jan Johnson
Practice Manager, Argyle Welsh Finnigan Lawyers

"I love having the peace of mind that our IT systems are consistently being monitored and fixes are happening without us needing to do anything. As a Practice Manager of a busy law firm, I can't afford to take time to deal with the technical problems, so working with OxygenIT is a HUGE time saver for us. Allowing our lawyers and other employees to work remotely has been a game-changer."

Sandy White
Business Owner of Express Glass

"All your IT needs in one company, an effective service, with our data collated and moved into one central database, all thanks to OxygenIT. Get in touch with them for all your website, Eftpos, hosting and phone service needs. Their great service is made easy with quick response times even at a time of technological meltdowns. We highly recommend OxygenIT not only for their excellent IT services but their brisk communications."

Matt Cowley
Chief Executive, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

"OxygenIT helped guide us in implementing sound long-term improvements to empower our staff. The consistency and availability of their services are unmatched, showing that they have our back, particularly when avoiding significant and unnecessary costs. We recommend OxygenIT's services."

Craig Patterson
Director, North Canterbury Vets

"We have the privilege of working with OxygenIT for 15 years. They moved four of our individual databases into a single server, making our data more accessible for all our branches. As long-standing clients of OxygenIT we find their services to be both prompt and to the highest standards."

Next steps

Ready to take your IT infrastructure to the next level? Contact us through our contact form or give us a call. Our team will work with you to understand your business needs and find the right way to move forward together.

We are committed to providing managed IT service in Wellington, so your business can thrive.

Next steps

Local presence

As part of our commitment to local growth and technological advancement, we are proud of our IT support in Wellington to highlight three key Wellington organizations that significantly contribute to the MSP business and technology sector.

Victoria University of Wellington - School of Engineering and Computer Science

Located in the heart of Wellington, Victoria University's School of Engineering and Computer Science is a premier educational institution offering many technology-related programs. It is a hub for future tech leaders and a center for groundbreaking research and innovation.

Wellington Chamber of Commerce

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce supports local businesses by providing networking opportunities, business advice, and advocacy services. It's a great resource for companies looking to expand their presence and engage with the community effectively.

Callaghan Innovation Headquarters

New Zealand's primary innovation agency is located in Gracefield, Lower Hutt, Callaghan Innovation Headquarters. It plays a crucial role in helping businesses succeed through technology and innovation.

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Latest tech news & insights

Ensuring your satisfaction

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Our tailored IT support in Wellington and proactive support are designed to meet your business's specific needs, ensuring you can focus on your best work without any IT hassles.

Your success is our success, and we stand by that promise with our comprehensive support and services.

Grow with us at OxygenIT

External resources

For businesses in Wellington considering MSP services or looking for additional support and resources, the following links may be of interest:

Sustainable Business Network (SBN)
The Sustainable Business Network guides sustainable practices for businesses, including information on recycling electronic waste and enhancing environmental responsibility. This organization is a great resource for companies looking to minimize their environmental impact and engage in sustainable operations.

eDay New Zealand
eDay is an initiative aimed at promoting responsible electronic waste disposal. They provide information and resources on recycling old computers, laptops, and other electronic devices, helping businesses dispose of their e-waste safely and responsibly.

 Creative HQ
Creative HQ in Wellington offers innovation services and startup support, including accelerator programs, innovation workshops, and startup incubation. It's ideal for businesses aiming to leverage cutting-edge ideas and technologies.

Recycling and charity

Recycling and charity

We are dedicated to supporting the local community and promoting sustainable practices. We participate in and sponsor various recycling initiatives and charity events throughout the Wellington area. By partnering with us, you're also supporting these vital community efforts, helping to make Wellington a better place for everyone.

Grow with us at OxygenIT

Are you passionate about IT and eager to make a difference in technology? We are always seeking dedicated professionals to join our Wellington-based team.

Explore our career opportunities on our careers page, and see how you can contribute to a future where technology empowers business success.

Grow with us at OxygenIT

Harnessing Wellington's IT potential with OxygenIT

We do more than solve IT issues—we provide comprehensive technology solutions meticulously tailored to your business needs. With us, you gain an IT service in Wellington and a dedicated partner committed to your satisfaction and success.

We ensure your IT infrastructure supports and enhances your business operations in Wellington and beyond.

Don't wait to transform your business. Begin your journey toward a more efficient, innovative, and successful operation today. Contact us now and unlock the potential of advanced technology solutions with OxygenIT. 

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Frequently asked questions

What support and services does OxygenIT offer businesses in the Wellington region?

We offer a comprehensive range of IT services in Wellington tailored to businesses' unique needs. Our expert team can assist you whether you need on-site or remote IT support.

How do managed IT services benefit companies throughout the greater Wellington area?

Managed IT service in Wellington provides numerous benefits to companies. By opting for managed IT services, businesses can reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and ensure their IT infrastructure supports their business processes effectively.

What tailored IT support options are available for small businesses in the Kapiti Coast?

We offer tailored IT services in Wellington for small businesses, catering to smaller enterprises' specific challenges and requirements. Our services range from on-site IT support to advanced remote support and VoIP solutions, ensuring that even the most niche or particular IT needs are met effectively and cost-efficiently.

Can OxygenIT provide remote IT support for medium-sized businesses in the greater Wellington region?

We provide remote IT support for medium-sized businesses throughout the Greater Wellington region. Our remote support services ensure that your business receives timely and efficient IT assistance without needing on-site visits.

How does business IT support from OxygenIT add value to New Zealand businesses?

Our IT services in Wellington add significant value to New Zealand businesses by ensuring their IT systems are robust, secure, and optimally functioning.

What makes OxygenIT a leading services company for managed IT support in the greater Wellington area?

We are recognized as a leading services company in Greater Wellington due to our commitment to excellence, comprehensive service offerings, and ability to provide managed IT support that adapts to the evolving technological landscape.

Why should businesses call us for their IT needs in the lower North Island?

Businesses in the lower North Island should give us a call because we provide specialized, region-specific IT support that addresses the unique challenges faced by companies operating in this area.

How does OxygenIT ensure that service and support meet the specific requirements of small to medium-sized businesses in Wellington?

We meet small and medium-sized businesses' specific service and support requirements by providing managed, customized IT services in Wellington. Our approach involves understanding each business's unique challenges and needs, allowing us to offer support that enhances operational efficiency and business growth throughout the Greater Wellington region.