Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Protect your devices with EDR. It’s like having a security guard on each computer, detecting suspicious activity and responding instantly. Our EDR ensures your team can work confidently, knowing each endpoint is monitored and protected.

Stop cyber threats with our EDR security solutions

Are you feeling like your IT security is barely holding together? Worrying about cyberattacks like ransomware that could shut down your whole business?

When your team needs top-notch protection, our EDR software gets to work, hunting down hidden threats and keeping them at bay. If you’re tired of staying up at night worrying about breaches, we’ve got your back.

Dependable EDR solutions to protect your business

With EDR security, you get more than just a simple antivirus. Our EDR solutions identify threats quickly and give you a clear picture of what's happening across your network.

Instead of scrambling to fix things after an attack, you'll be able to see potential threats before they cause any trouble. Whether you're handling sensitive client data in accounting or need to secure contracts in legal, EDR security keeps your business safe and your team productive.

Understanding EDR and its benefits

EDR is a type of cybersecurity solution designed to detect, investigate, and mitigate suspicious activities and threats on endpoints, such as computers, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. EDR solutions monitor endpoint activities in real-time, analyze behaviors, and respond to security incidents to protect against advanced threats like malware, ransomware, and insider attacks.

They provide organizations with visibility into endpoint activities, enhance threat detection capabilities, and enable rapid incident response to mitigate risks and prevent security breaches.

Our EDR software is like a digital watchdog. It tracks and analyzes what's happening on all your devices, from computers to servers, looking for suspicious activity. When it finds something fishy, it alerts you and stops the threat before it spreads. With our EDR solutions, you can:

  • Spot threats in real time
  • Prevent breaches with automated responses
  • Get detailed reports for compliance audits
  • Reduce downtime and keep your business running smoothly

OxygenIT’s unique EDR solutions

At OxygenIT, we understand the frustration of dealing with ineffective IT security. Our EDR solutions are built to meet the unique needs of small to mid-sized businesses like yours in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. Imagine having 100 staff and only 30 tickets/interruptions to your business in the month.

Our expert team crafts security strategies tailored to you, providing the personalized service you deserve. We don’t just install EDR software and walk away. We’re your partner in cybersecurity, giving you strategic insights to strengthen your security posture over time.

Why choose OxygenIT for EDR security?

When it comes to EDR security, you want a partner who knows their stuff. Here's why businesses trust us:

  • Fast response times: We respond to 95% of emails within 15 minutes during business hours
  • Reduced risks: We’ve helped clients cut down on IT issues to 1/3 per person per month
  • Personal touch: Our team knows you by name and handles your issues directly
  • Comprehensive protection: From penetration testing to cyber audits, we’ve got it covered

Ready for EDR security peace of mind?

Get in touch with us today to level up your business’s cybersecurity with our EDR solutions. Click the button below to schedule a quick chat with one of our friendly experts, and we’ll help you understand where your security stands and what steps you can take next.

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