Service Desk as a Platform (SDaaP)

Revolutionise your service desk with SDaaP. By leveraging advanced AI automation, your business can achieve a powerful synergy that drives innovation, efficiency, and sustained growth.

Stuck with inefficient service? Boost your business with SDaaP

If you're struggling with inefficient IT support, it's time to cut through the chaos with our Service Desk as a Platform (SDaaP) solution.

Say goodbye to long wait times and unresolved issues—and empower your business with streamlined, AI-driven IT operations today.

What is Service Desk as a Platform?

Ever wondered what exactly Service Desk as a Platform is? SDaaP leverages AI automation to optimise workflows and boost operational efficiency.

It automates routine IT tasks, allowing you to focus your outsourced IT resources on solving complex problems and freeing you time for your strategic objectives.

Meet OxygenIT’s smart SDaaP solution

Our Service Desk solution fosters seamless communication and collaboration among us, your internal IT team, and vendors, enhancing end-user support satisfaction.

It not only accelerates simple IT task completion in-house, saving costs compared to outsourcing, but also prioritises efficiency.

Using AI, we swiftly analyse and resolve tasks needing specialist IT support, empowering strategic decision-making and maximising your time's value.

What you get with OxygenIT's SDaaP

Our SDaaP suite utilises advanced AI automation to optimise workflows, enhancing operational efficiency by automating high-volume, routine IT support requests. Key advantages include:

  • Cost Efficiency: Automating support ticket processing redirects 50-70% of tasks to more economical administrative resources.
  • Business Efficiency and Productivity: SDaaP maximises service desk ROI with robust capabilities.
  • 24/7 Automated Ticket Processing: AI-powered virtual employees swiftly analyse and allocate IT support issues, minimising disruption to business operations.
  • Supercharged Multitasking: Efficiently manage multiple tickets simultaneously, optimising workflow productivity.
  • Audit Logs and Ticket Notes: Comprehensive audit logs and notes enhance ticketing accuracy, ensuring a single source of truth for interactions.
  • Efficient Automation Integration: Seamless chatbot integration streamlines data retrieval and reduces manual entry, freeing up engineers' valuable time.
  • Comprehensive Oversight and Reporting: Gain full control with monitoring and reporting capabilities, tracking improvements in response times and reducing open tickets.
  • Faster Service: Instant processing of support tickets speeds up resolution for minor IT tasks, enabling faster responses to complex issues.
  • Enhanced Satisfaction: Improve employee satisfaction with quicker support responses and efficient issue resolution.
  • Focus on Core Tasks: Prioritise strategic endeavors by delegating routine tasks to automated systems.

How we make it happen

  • AI powered ticket triage: Our AI-driven triage system revolutionises ticket handling, offering flexible rules aligned perfectly with operational needs for streamlined resolution. It retains insights gained from resolving previous issues, allowing it to continually refine and enhance its capabilities in managing support requests.
  • 40+ common IT tasks automated for streamlined efficiency: We’ve identified and automated a comprehensive array of 40+ pre-built automations, developed for your convenience and ease of use.
  • Quarterly review with your Technical Account Manager(TAM): This reviews offer insights and guidance for future-proof technology investments and business strategy alignment.

Why choose OxygenIT for SDaaP?

Why settle for average when you can get the best? At Oxygen IT, we prioritise proactive guidance, forward-thinking strategies, and empowering clients to deliver precise, outcome-driven insights.

Since 2005, we've offered traditional managed IT services. The AI tools in our SDaaP streamline our IT support operations. We focus on being a proactive IT partner, distinct from break/fix MSPs, maintaining long-term client relationships.

As your strategic IT partner, we ensure tangible ROI through efficiency gains, compliance, risk mitigation, and exceeding customer expectations.

Client testimonials

Hear from some of our amazing clients:

  • "Without a doubt, OxygenIT’s service proves to be highly scalable and consistently high performing, providing significant assistance in maintaining the seamless operation of our business." - Hilary Armstrong, Office Manager, Blueprint Media
  • "OxygenIT have looked after our IT services for the past 12 years. The fast response and personalised approach is great, they understand us as a business, and we can’t recommend OxygenIT’s services enough." - Gary Sheridan, Philip Wareing Group Limited

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