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We are as committed to your success as you are, and we prove it by giving you a level of expert care and excellent service you can't get anywhere else. Let's breathe new life into your business with our IT solutions.

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We ensure smooth, secure business operations

Imagine an environment where every IT challenge is met with prompt and expert resolution. That's what we offer at OxygenIT.

We address common frustrations like poor response times and ineffective solutions head-on, ensuring your business operations run smoothly and securely.

For almost two decades, several small to mid-sized businesses in New Zealand have trusted us with their IT environment. It's time for you to experience the difference of reliable IT support.

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Why choose OxygenIT?


Our responsiveness is unmatched, with dedicated staff always ready to promptly answer your calls and address your concerns. We strive to resolve issues on the first contact, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience.


We are pioneers in service delivery innovation, giving you greater control over your IT solutions. Our approach empowers you to interact directly with the services you depend on, ensuring that your needs are met with precision and reliability.

From solo beginnings to IT excellence

Returning from the UK in 2005, our founder had a burning desire to bring the international standards of IT excellence he had observed to local businesses in New Zealand. This homecoming also marked a renewed commitment to making a significant impact in his homeland.

Starting as a one-man band, OxygenIT emerged from necessity and ambition, balancing life's demands with the challenges of solo entrepreneurship. These formative years established our ethos of service excellence and operational efficiency.

We’ve since grown from a single pair of hands into a vibrant team of 18 dedicated professionals, with the capacity to support not only SMEs, but to also enhance IT solutions for larger organizations with internal IT departments.

Driving operational excellence with IT

At OxygenIT, we are not just fixing IT problems; we are shaping the future of IT support. Our vision goes beyond routine maintenance to strategic IT partnerships that drive business growth and operational excellence.

As technology evolves, the complexity of maintaining and securing IT does too. We are committed to staying ahead of trends, offering solutions that not only solve today's challenges but also anticipate tomorrow’s obstacles.

Our focus is on sustainable IT practices that support your long-term success, ensuring your business stays resilient, secure, and competitive.

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