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Why do we trust OxygenIT? They exclusively look after our IT services for the past 12 years. They help manage our onsite server, disaster recovery, backup options and other IT matters. The fast response and personalised approach is greatly appreciated, providing us with an engineer who understands us as a business. Philip Wareing Limited cannot recommend OxygenIT’s services enough. Being in transport services, it can sometimes be challenging to manage our IT so having OxygenIT makes our operations run efficiently.

Gary Sheridan
Philip Wareing Group Limited

With the move of our data from an onsite server to our cloud where we were able to consolidate our four branches into one easy database, OxygenIT made this all possible. We were looking to expand our business by opening another branch, OxygenIT made it simple and easy to add our new branch to the database. We enjoy consistent and effective performance since working with them, enjoying peace of mind knowing that they have helped provide us with a secure IT system. The work OxygenIT has done for us, we highly recommend their services for your IT needs.

Shelley Endacott
Practice Manager, Curtis Vision Optometrist

I love having the peace of mind that our IT systems are consistently being monitored and fixes are happening without us needing to do anything. As a Practice Manager of a busy law firm, I can't afford to take time to deal with technical problems, so working with OxygenIT is a HUGE time saver for us. Allowing our lawyers and other employees to work remotely has been a game-changer. They are straightforward to deal with, from accounts to technicians. If you have a problem, they are one quick phone call away to talk directly to an ‘actual person who can fix your problem. OxygenIT’s combined knowledge base is amazing and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any law firm needing IT solutions.

Jan Johnson
Practice Manager, Argyle Welsh Finnigan Lawyers

All your IT needs in one companyAn effective service, with our data collated and moved into one central database, all thanks to OxygenIT. Get in touch with them for all your website, Eftpos, hosting and phone service needs. Their great service is made easy with quick response times even at a time of technological meltdowns. We highly recommend OxygenIT not only for their excellent IT services but their brisk communications.

Sandy White
Business Owner of Express Glass

OxygenIT helped guide us in implementing sound long-term improvements to empower our staff. The consistency and availability of their services are unmatched, showing that they have our back, particularly when avoiding significant and unnecessary costs. Despite the challenges and obstacles that Covid-19 had triggered, they helped combat the obstacles with our  IT systems.  If there is any need for IT services, we recommend OxygenIT's services.

Matt Cowley
Chief Executive, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

We have the privilege of working with OxygenIT for 15 years. They moved four of our individual databases into a single server, making our data more accessible for all our branches. As long-standing clients of OxygenIT we find their services to be both prompt and to the highest standards, particularly in IT security and helpdesk assistance. After transitioning our databases into one server, the disruptions have been almost non-existent. If you require any outstanding IT solution, please use OxygenIT’s services.

Craig Patterson
Director, North Canterbury Vets

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