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Protect your business from viruses, ransomware, and malware with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. We’ll implement proactive safeguards, conduct regular scans, and respond swiftly to any threats, creating a safer, more secure digital environment.

Struggling to keep cyber threats at bay?

Imagine this: you've just wrapped up a long day, and you’re sipping a well-earned cuppa. Then your phone buzzes. There's been a serious data breach. Your business has ground to a halt, and your customers are furious.

Terrifying, right? In New Zealand, the Privacy Act 2020 mandates that businesses report specific privacy breaches to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC). This requirement extends to all organizations collecting, storing, and utilizing personal data.

Prioritising cybersecurity is crucial for safeguarding your business against financial losses, reputational harm, and legal ramifications. These compliance obligations underscore the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Turn the tide with a cybersecurity & antivirus shield

Don’t let your business become a cautionary tale. Investing in the right cybersecurity plan yields a substantial return on investment by reducing risks and potential cost savings associated with averting a security breach. At OxygenIT, we offer top-notch cloud antivirus solutions and proactive cyber security monitoring services.

Our cybersecurity service provider team, complete with savvy cyber security analysts, is here to protect your business from hackers and phishing scams. Our security plans offer advanced measures specifically tailored to shield your business from targeted attacks and data breaches.

These encompass sophisticated threat detection, continuous security monitoring, and regular vulnerability assessments. Through the implementation of these measures, we significantly diminish the likelihood of a security breach thereby securing your data, keeping your reputation and saving you cash that may have been lost otherwise.

Understanding cybersecurity & antivirus

Cybersecurity & antivirus is all about shielding your business from online nasties. From hacking attempts to malicious software, we block every threat. Our cloud antivirus solutions detect and remove malware before it strikes, and our round-the-clock cyber security monitoring means you can focus on growing your business while we handle the risks.

You get comprehensive protection against data breaches, ransomware attacks, and more, ensuring a secure, worry-free digital environment.

Secure your business with OxygenIT

We’re not your run-of-the-mill cyber security consulting companies. At OxygenIT, we bring over 100 years of combined IT experience, offering antivirus as a service that’s proactive and comprehensive.

Whether you’re a small business with 20 or more endpoints or a large firm with hundreds of endpoints, our cyber security analysts deliver tailored solutions. Plus, our proactive cyber security monitoring ensures your business is always steps ahead of hackers.

Our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity

Our Cyber Security Standard plus plan provides a robust defense strategy against cyber threats, safeguarding critical assets, sensitive data, and intellectual property. Key features include:

  • Zero trust application protocols: Strict access control ensures verification for every user accessing your network or systems, allowing only approved applications to run, thus preventing data extraction and ransomware.
  • Dark web monitoring: Proactively detects potential threats by scanning the dark web for leaked credentials, helping identify breaches or security vulnerabilities before they impact your business.
  • Premium antivirus: Constantly scans and detects malware, protecting systems and data from compromise.
  • Web filtering: Blocks access to malicious websites, reducing the risk of inadvertent device infections or data compromise.
  • DNS filtering: Blocks connections to known malicious domains, preventing malware infections and data breaches at the DNS level.
  • Firewall: Monitors and controls network traffic, blocking unauthorized or suspicious connections, thus safeguarding network integrity and sensitive data.
  • Password management: Provides a centralized platform for secure storage, generation, and management of passwords, enforcing strong password policies and multi-factor authentication.

For enhanced protection, our Cyber Premium plan offers additional features such as Lateral Movement Protection, ICT Policies, Device Encryption, Application Whitelisting, Incident Response Plan Base, Account MFA, and Annual Security Audit. Together, these components form a comprehensive defense strategy, empowering clients to withstand cyber threats and ensure business continuity.

Why OxygenIT stands out as the best choice

Choosing OxygenIT for cybersecurity in Christchurch and beyond means choosing the best cyber security consultants. We work with our clients to form a comprehensive defence strategy, enhancing their ability to withstand cyber threats and maintain business continuity.

This collaboration with our clients ensures that their security strategy aligns with their business objectives by providing strategic guidance to help them make informed decisions to protect their business.

Client testimonial: Empowered against cyber threats

Don't just take our word for it, read this feedback from Jan Johnson, Practice Manager at Argyle Welsh Finnigan Lawyers:

"The cyber tips and training we receive from Tim and the team at OxygenIT are excellent. The cyber training, they offer is not only comprehensive but also easily accessible, with the staff particularly enjoying the informative videos. Completing their training has undoubtedly strengthened our team's awareness and preparedness in navigating the ever-evolving cyber threats landscape. We are grateful for OxygenIT's commitment to keeping us informed and protected in today's digital age."

Ready to breathe easy with OxygenIT?

Don’t leave your business vulnerable. Partner with OxygenIT, one of the top cyber security companies NZ, and protect your business with cybersecurity in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland.

Connect with the best antivirus service experts in the business, our cyber security analyst will guide you through every step of securing your data. Let’s get ahead of cyber threats together. Contact us for a free security assessment, and let’s chat about how to fortify your business.

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