Data Backups

Take advantage of our partnership with Datto and enjoy fast backups and restoration


Problems/Pain Points

Losing important files is painfully easy: accidental deletion and overwriting, malware infection, or hardware failure, and many others. Even if you’re able to recover them, restoring specific files to an existing running device can also be a headache. Most recovery methods involve guesswork, digging through complex archives, or booting and rebooting images.


Our Solution

This can all be avoided if you sign up for Oxygen IT’s Data Backups solution. Our partnership with Datto ALTO means you will enjoy an enterprise-level, fully featured data protection solution at an SMB price. ALTO is able to address complex backup issues without the need to purchase advanced integration tools or infrastructure.

Oxygen IT’s Data Backups solution lets you

  • Restore files quickly and easily with image-based backup and a hybrid cloud model
  • Set and forget automatic backups based on your schedule
  • Get peace of mind with replicated backups to the Datto Cloud
  • Recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time
  • Get back to business fast with Datto Cloud virtualization capabilities


Make sure your business is safe from malware and hacker attacks

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